Dynamic Leaders Partner Panel

A consultative approach to complex business needs

March 15th | 12:00 pm ET (USA)

Whether you're a Microsoft Dynamics User looking for companies that can help your customized set of business needs, or a Microsoft Partner looking to accelerate your consulting approach to meet the demands of complex clients- this podcast episode is for you! Join Dynamic Leaders Partner Podcast as we meet with our amazing partners Vertex Inc. and Maggnumite- and take a deep dive to understand how both of their companies excel in consulting customers with complex business needs.

In this podcast we're going to cover a range of topics including:

  • How do you get complex customers up-to-speed with automation and digital solutions?
  • Why should you invest in digital transformation during an economic downturn?
  • What is the methodology as you approach a customer with a complex set of needs?

Featured partners:

Vertex, Inc.


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